Thurrock Area Ladies Bowling Association (T.A.L.B.A.)

A History of T.A.L.B.A.

The male bowlers of Thurrock started an organised League called Thurrock District Bowling Association and in 1979 the ladies followed suit. TALBA as it has become know was pioneered by Muriel Larkin of Shell Bowls Club and Jan Byford of Orsett Bowls Club.

They initially started a triples league. Each club put in a team consisting of two rinks of 3 players playing under the usual format of three woods per bowler and 18 ends. A rink received 2 points for a win or one point for a draw, with no points for a defeat. Therefore a team that won on both rinks would get 4 points. The team with the most points at the end of the season won the league. The original member clubs were :-

Aveley Ladies Bowls Club
Billet Ladies Bowls Club
Orsett Ladies Bowls Club
Shell Ladies Bowls Club
Stork Ladies Bowls Club
Thurrock Ladies Bowls Club
Tilbury Ladies Bowls Club
United Services Bowls Club.

TALBA also run competitions for members throughout the season, with 4 wood singles, 2 wood singles, pairs. In addition TALBA play representative matches both indoors and outdoors.

In 2003, TALBA celebrated its 25th anniversary and the current President is Iris Crisp and the immediate Past President is Avril Petherick.