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21st Sept. Listed Cinemas in Essex by Mike Ostler

During this talk, we heard about recent developments regarding the State Cinema.
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19th Oct. World War II Defence Sites in Essex by Fred Nash

A talk about the preparation of a catalogue of Essex defence sites.
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16th Nov. Mucking: an Archeological Experience by Jon Catton and others

16 years work on a major archeological site in just under two hours.
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14th Dec. Christmas Meeting/Party.

We enjoyed food, drink and a quiz.
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18th Jan. Medieval Town Life in the Eastern Counties by Jennifer Ward

Market towns selling locally produced goods.
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15th Feb. Hidden Historical Treasures of Whitehall II by Peter Lawrence

Parts of Whitehall that you didn't know you didn't know.
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15th Mar. Thurrock in the '30s by Terry Carney

Was it all the depression and preparations for war?
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26th Apr. A.G.M. followed by a description of the Thurrock Heritage Plaque scheme
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