By the Riverside: Tilbury and Chadwell Memories

  Memories of the docks, the forts, the war or the 1953 floods
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“By the Riverside: Tilbury and Chadwell Memories” is a project aimed at collecting local memories and storing them on a community archive. It will focus on the post-war  period. The THLS is delighted to be one of the project partners. The project has been awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery. It will collect oral memories at drop in sessions and also invite people to submit them by e-mail, as well as collecting copies of photographs and other memorabilia. The results will be stored on a website.

Would you be willing to share the memories, stories and experiences of your life in Tilbury and Chadwell and for them to be preserved for future generations? Do you think that collecting these memories is a good idea as a way of preserving and learning about the history of your area for now and generations to come?

The archive website - - was launched to coincide with the Tilbury centenary celebrations on 1st April at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal.

Contact us if you would like to share your memories as part of the project or to be kept informed about progress on the project. Let us know what you think by sending an e-mail to

This project is among a number of similar projects in Essex. They include:

Canvey Island
Hadleigh and Thundersley

The 1953 flood in Tilbury

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