Heraldic Terms to be met in Heraldry in Thurrock
(with acknowledgement to A New Dictionary of Heraldry ed. Stephen Friar, Alpha Books; 1987)
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  Annulet   A ring
  Appaumé   A hand showing the palm
  Argent   Silver
  Azure   Blue
  Badge   An armorial device; not part of a coat of arms
  Bar   A diminutive of the Fess
  Barry   Several bars
  Bend   A broad band extending from top left to bottom right of the shield; a narrow bend is called a bendlet
  Between   Surrounded by
  Bezant   A golden disc
  Cadency   Method of identifying male members of a family
  Canton   A small square at the top corner of the shield
  Charged with   Having a charge
  Charge   Describes a single pictorial representation or geometrical shape on the shield
  Chevron   An inverted V
  Chief   A broad band covering the uppermost portion of the shield
  Cinquefoil   A figure with five radiating petals
  Coat of Arms   Usually refers to the whole shield
  Cockatrice   A wyvern or two-legged dragon with a cock’s head
  Collared   Having a plain collar
  Conjoined   Joined together. In Lure means joined with wingtips upwards
  Cotise   A diminutive of the bend (q.v.), usually on either side of the bend
  Counterchanged   A shield the colour of whose parts & charges are reversed on either side of a dividing line
  Couped   Cut short horizontally
  Courant   Running
  Crescent   A crescent moon shape, often small and denoting a second son
  Crest   A three-dimensional device mounted on the helmet
  Crosses   Various kinds including the saltire, a St. Andrew’s cross
  Crusily   A field covered in crosses
  Cuffed   Having cuffs
  Demi   Only upper half depicted
  Dexter   Right (but on left hand side as you look at the shield)
  Displayed   Wings spreadeagled
  Elevated   Wings pointing upwards
  Ensigned   Having a charge placed above
  Eradicated   Uprooted
  Erased   Torn off
  Escallop   A scallop shell
  Escutcheon   A small shield represented as a charge.
  Estoile   A star of six wavy rays
  Fess   A broad horizontal band crossing the centre of the shield
  Fetterlock   A shackle for a horse, usually a lock and clasp
  Flory   Charges terminating in or ornamented with a fleur de lis
  Flory Counter Flory   Charges decorated with fleur de lis alternately on either side
  Fretty   A trellis pattern of interlaced bendlets
  Fur   Ermine (black ermine tails on a white field or background) includes Vair – a pattern originating in the pelts of the species of squirrel
  Fusil   An elongated lozenge
  Fusilly   Covered in fusils
  Gamb   The lower part of a beast's leg (usually a lion)
  Garb   A sheaf of corn
  Guardant   Head turned to face the observer
  Gules   Red
  Habited   Clothed
  Impaling   Two coats side by side
  In centre   In the middle of
  In lure   Two wings joined with tips upwards
  In pale   One above the other; also palewise or per pale
  In pretence   Relates to a small escutcheon (shield) in centre of shield
  Indented   Sharp V-shapes joined
  Issuant   Emerging or proceeding from
  Langued   Describing the colour of the tongue of a creature
  Lozenge   A diamond shape; includes a Fusil (an elongated lozenge)
  Mantling   A protective cloth affixed to the helmet
  Martlet   The heraldic martin, depicted with its legs terminating in two tufts of feathers
  Mural   In the form of an embattled wall
  Naiant   Swimming
  Nebuly   Semicircular shapes joined
  Or   Gold
  Ordinaries   Geometrical shapes
  Overall   Something placed above every other feature (coats of arms are three-dimensional)
  Pale   A broad vertical band crossing the centre of the shield
  Pall   A broad Y shape with limbs extending to the edges of the shield
  Parted Field   The surface of the shield
  Passant   A lion walking by
  Per saltire   In form of a St. Andrew's cross
  Pile   A triangular wedge
  Plate   A silver roundel
  Potent   Crutch-shaped; a variety of the armorial fur vair; a cross potent has crutch-shaped limbs
  Proper   Depicted in natural colour
  Quarterly   Four coats on one shield numbered I, II, III, IV. One and four are usually the same, as are two and three. If more than four they will be given as quarterly of six, for example.
  Rampant   A lion erect, one paw on the ground, the other three raised; the beast looking forward having its tail erect
  Red Hand of Ulster   A red left hand cut off at the wrist. The badge of an hereditary baronet
  Roundel   A flat coloured disc. A Bezant is gold and a plate is silver
  Sable   Black
  Saltire   A St Andrew’s cross
  Segreant   A griffin when rampant
  Sinister   Left (but on right hand side as you look at the shield)
  Slipped   Of a flower or leaf with the stalk attached
  Springing   Standing with all feet on the ground
  Surmounted by   Something placed above
  Trefoil   A clover leaf
  Tressure   A narrow border running parallel to the edge of the shield
  Vair   A pattern originating in the pelts of a species of squirrel
  Varied Fields   Varied surfaces tinctured one colour, one metal alternating
  Vert   Green
  Vested   Clothed

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