Great Garlands, Stanford le Hope

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Great Garlands is a farmhouse in Stanford le Hope. Panorama 45 contained an article by Randal Bingley describing the history of the house.The above photo of the house was published on the cover of Panorama 48 which also included an article containing the reminiscences of Mrs JRB Flint who lived there for 30 years in the middle of the 20th century. We subsequently learned that the photo was taken by Eddie Duce and that the figure in the photo is George Duce, the local postman, who was Eddie's father. Mrs Flint's father who farmed Great Garlands was Harry Bennett Smith. On his death, Randal Bingley wrote, "Bennet worked strange acres, an ancient landscape bordered by those science fantasy backdrops of Shellhaven. No darkness ever fell over his enclosures, all was illumined by the spasmodic flame of blazing gases in the sky. Yet there was Bennet, absorbed in an agriculture which still valued the draft horse; the machines which had pride of place in his hovels were the tumbrel, wagon and wooden beamed plough. He did not worship the past - too shrewd a farmer for that, but he respected the land its origin, its men and implements. He saw the debt he owed to machinery now obsolete".

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