The Impact of the Cement Industry on Thurrock's People and Landscape

  A new project financed by a grant from the Land of the Fanns
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TLHS has been awarded a grant to finance a project that will be looking at the impact of the cement Industry on Thurrock's people and landscape.

The project had a small display at the Horndon Feast and Fayre. This concentrated on various comments made by Thurrock's MPs about the cement industry. The comments included a speech by Leslie Solley in 1948 in which he said -

“The effect of the cement dust in the domestic domain is extremely serious. If windows are opened within a mile of these works, furniture inside the rooms become quickly covered with a fine layer of dust. Clothes which are kept on the line become covered.”

About 65 tons of cement dust are deposited per square mile of the area in question every month of the year.”

Tunnel Cement Works ... are pumping poison into the atmosphere of Thurrock with complete disregard for the health and convenience of the public.”

The Land of the Fanns Heritage Zone at the 2019 Orsett Show was financed in part by this project and in part directly by the Land of the Fanns.

At the show, the project displayed more material about Thurrock's cement industry, gave away copies of a free booklet and spoke to people about their memories of the industry. Many of the people we spoke to agreed to have their memories recorded and preserved. We will be organising a session later this year.

As part of the project, we have produced this interactive map that will allow you to explore the cement industry and its impact on the landscape and people of Thurrock from your own arm chair.


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