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St. Clement's West Thurrock, now in the care of Procter & Gamble Ltd

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St Clement's, West Thurrock

West Thurrrock Church is an interesting Grade I listed building surrounded by a churchyard in which are a number of rare plants. The church became redundant in 1977 but came into the care of the neighbouring P & G factory in 1987 to mark the company's 150th anniversary. After restoration it was rededicated to Community Use in 1990 to commemorate P & G's 50 years in Thurrock.

In August 2015, a Thurrock Heritage Plaque was unveiled at St Clement's commemorating the death of an officer and 16 cadets from the Training Ship Cornwall, moored at Purfleet.

Well known for being the location for the funeral in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, the remarkable history of the church is told in The Story of St. Clement's by History Society Patron Christopher Harrold.

The church has two early memorial brasses.

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