All the following publications are available for study in the Local History Section of the Reference Library at the Central Library, Thameside Complex, Grays. They can also be posted in the UK or abroad at the price stated plus postage & packing as appropriate, by e-mailing It may also be possible to locate a Panorama mentioned on the website but not listed below. The cost would be £3 plus the appropriate postage & packing.


PANORAMA 15 (1971-2 reprinted 1999) (£2.00)The Farm Wagon in Thurrock; Maps and Mucking; The Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Grays Thurrock; The Fighting Ships named Essex; Tilbury Fort and the Rebellion of 1745; A Belated Discovery - a Romano-British Flask; A Belgic Site at East Tilbury; West Thurrock Windmill; Relief Work during the Flooding of Thurrock in 1953; That Nothing be Lost. (68 pp, A5)

PANORAMA 24 (1980) (£2.00) A Pilgrim Sign from Stifford; Pilgrim's Lane, Stifford; A Farm Sale at Chadwell 1833; Seabrooke - a family of brewers; Excavations at Tilbury Fort 1980; The Horndon Mint; The Sturgeons of South Ockendon; Early 19th Century Freemasons inThurrock; A13 Excavations l979- 80. (83pp)

PANORAMA 25 (1982) (£2.00) For King and Country, a soldier's letters home 1916-18; Jottings from Mucking post-excavation; Prints of Thurrock; The Coal Road; Archaeology of a Royal Visit, the Armada Camp; Palmer's Boys; Window to Eternity, a Saxon Urn. (76pp, A5)

PANORAMA 27 (1985) (£2.00) Daniel Defoe, his trail uncovered; Cereals at Mucking; Computer Graphics & Archaeology; A Lost Village; Gordon, a hero remembered; The Whitmore Story; New Road, Grays 1914-18; A Christian Socialist Colony at Stanford-le-Hope. (48pp)

PANORAMA 28 (1986) (£2.00) From behind the counter - a view of West Tilbury in the Thirties; Edward Bowlby, Rector of Little Thurrock 1838-60; Two Mucking Farmsteads; The Brooks Scrapbook; The Purfleet Gunpowder Magazines in 1864; Belmont Castle - a Gothic style residence. (52pp, A5)

PANORAMA 29 (1987) (£2.00) Marshland Memories, Stanford-le-Hope in the first half of the 20th century; Brickmaking in Little Thurrock; The Armada Camp - a locational report; The Orsett Basket Works; The Great Wind, 1987; The Dwellings, Tilbury; Flagship to Barn, an Elizabethan survival? (52pp, A5)

PANORAMA 30 (1989) (£2.00) Stanford-le-Hope Market; Military Land Communications around East Tilbury; Life at Coopers Shaw; Grays Water Supply 1863; "A Perfect Scramble", Thurrock marriages in London before 1754; Hedges, Woodlands and Highways; Notes and Queries. (49pp, A5)

PANORAMA 32 (1992) (£2.00) A Local Incident from the Battle of Britain; Grays Thurrock Motors-100Years; Descendents of the De Warren Earls of Surrey; The Opening of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge; William Palin of Stifford; Tilbury Fort- 1988/9 Excavations; Museum Newsletter; Poverty in Grays in the l880-90s; Music in Thurrock, Part l; Recent Books; Notes and Queries. (44pp A5)

PANORAMA 33 (1993) (£2.00) The Training Ship Joseph Hertz; Umbrella through the Walls, Stifford Rectory; The Monumental Brasses of Essex - Orsett; The Cement Industry in Thurrock; Music in Thurrock, Woodwind and Brass; Recent Publications; Museum Newsletter; William Thomas Jones; Iron Age Coins; Notes& Queries. (44pp, A5)

PANORAMA 34 (1994) (£2.00) Music in Thurrock; South Ockendon Mill; Then and Now, Wharf Road, Stanford-le-Hope; Grays and Greys - a Chronology; Thurrock's part in Operation Overlord; A Journey to France in 1846; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Notes & Queries. (44pp, A5) (OUT OF STOCK but individual articles can be photocopied)

PANORAMA 35 (1995) (£2.00) The Infected Blanket Scandal of 1903; The Landing Stages of Tilbury Riverside; Orsett Fruit Farm; Local Shipping Companies in World War 2; St.Mary's Church, Little Thurrock, it's Repair & Enlargement; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Notes and Queries. (48pp, A5)

PANORAMA 36 (1996) (£2.50) The Tilbury Ferry House Case; George Eagling - Man of God 1876 - 1 911; Heraldry at Belhus (with coloured illustrations); Memories of Tilbury; Grays Chalk Pit in the 1920s; Hillside Club, Grays; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Notes & Queries (48pp, A5)

PANORAMA 37 (1997) (£2.50) The Bata Shoe Company; Alfred Russel Wallace, A Victorian Spiritualist; Hanged on the Fourth of July; Consideration upon possible Terp-Mounds; Chadwell-St.-Mary Primary School; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Notes & Queries. (48pp, A5)

PANORAMA 38 (1998) (£3.00) William Morris, Essex and Thurrock; A Cook/Housekeeper at Palmer's Boys' School; West Thurrock Sea Wall; Heraldic Glass at Langdon Hills; CEMA Concerts at Grays, 1942-46; River Marks of Thurrock; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Notes & Queries. (56pp, AS) ISBN 0 9534479 1 0, ISSN 1465-1440.

PANORAMA 39 (1999) (£3.00) Well Hit! The destruction of a Zeppelin; Cash's Well, Langdon Hills; Grays Memories: 1917-1927; Tilbury Signal Station; William Davis: Brick-maker; Some More River Marks of Thurrock; Museum Newsletter; Fascist Activities in Purfleet 1934-1937; Recent Publications; Notes & Queries. (60pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 2 8, ISSN 1465-1440.

PANORAMA 40 (2000) (£3.00) Col.Sir Francis Whitmore; Mucking - It's Powder Hulks and Lighthouse; Thurrock Arts Council; St Michael's Church, Aveley; The Religious Census of 1851; The North Thames Artillery; Aerial Activity over Thurrock 1913; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Notes & Queries. (56pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 3 6, ISSN 1465-1440.

PANORAMA 41 (2002) (£3.00) Who was Alice Diehl?; Two Local Regicides; T.S. Warspite; The Bells of St. Giles and All Saints, Orsett; A Moving Experience; The Purfleet Gunpowder Magazines; Margaret Ursula Jones; Museum Newsletter; Recent Publications; Recent Archaeological Work in Thurrock; Notes & Queries. (60 pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 4 4, ISSN 1465-1440.

PANORAMA 42 (2003) (£3.00) The Martins: Glimpses of a Victorian Lancer’s Family; ‘Roller Blading’ Through Thurrock; Cinema’s of Thurrock’s Past; A Commentary on the Life of Rev. Samuel Johnson; Palin in Peril; ‘Henry’ is One Hundred; Some Highway Hedges at Mucking; The Victorian Coffee Tavern; Museum Newsletter; Notes & Queries. (64pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 6 0, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 43 (2005) (£3.00) Hew Watt; The Vale of Health; Field Notes on Cash’s Well; The Eagles of the Thames; Perforated ‘Mesolithic Maceheads’; The Errington Murder; Museum Newsletter; Notes & Queries; Media Watch; Web Watch. (60pp A5) ISBN 0 9534479 7 9, ISSN 1465-1440.

PANORAMA 44 (2006) (£3.00)  Sir Alexander Temple; Where Are They Now? The Tilbury Gravesend Ferries; Father Sir Hugh Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Bart.; Thurrock’s Lost Buildings; Later Prehistoric Finds from Stanford Le Hope; The Hugh Russell Organ; The Thames Land Company; Museum News Letter; Book Review; Notes & Queries; Media and Web Watch. (60 pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 8 7, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 45 (2007) (£3.00) Elizabeth's Review of Her Troops - Tilbury 1588; Ferry Tales; Mesolithic and Later Stone Age Observations; East Tilbury in 1901 as Revealed by the Census; Great Garlands Stanford-Le-Hope; The Chadwell Parish Boundary; Obituaries; Book Reviews; Notes & Queries; Web Watch. (80 pp, A5) ISBN O 9534479 9 5; ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 46 (2008) (£3.00) Conrad's Secret Agent; Orsett's Secret Agent; They Came, They Saw ... John Newton, Slave Trade Abolitionist; The Early Years of the Orsett Golf Club 1899 - 1919; The History of the St John Ambulance in Grays; More of Thurrock's Lost Buildings; Notes Toward an Industrial History of Grays 1770-1850; Obituaries; Recent Publications; Notes and Queries; Media Watch and Web Watch. (64 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-0-9; ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 47 (2009) (£3.00) Happy 150th Birthday Natural Selection; Alfred Russel Wallace: His Life (Reflected in Obituaries); Alfred Russel Wallace in Panorama; The Sturgeon Family; Where Earth Touches Sky: Mesolithic Hunters on Langdon Hills; Reflections on the Orsett Show of 73 Years Ago; East Tilbury Church of England School; The Manufacture of Portland Cement - End of an Era; Obituaries; Notes and Queries; Recent Publications; Media Watch; Web Watch. (80 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-2-3, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 48 (2010) (£3.00) Thurrock's Saxon Churches, Bluebell Recordings Around Chadwell and Orsett, 'Riots' in Grays and Tilbury, The Quest for Shutton: a Vanished Farmstead at Stanford Le Hope, Remembering Great Garlands Farm, Lieutenant George Waller R.N., Obituary, Recent Publications, Notes and Queries, Media Watch, Web Watch (72 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-3-0, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 49 (2010) (£3.00) Editorial, A Mystery on the Marshes: The Untimely Death of Fountaine Hope - 1899, Corringham Hall: Some Site Notes and Conjectures, Bluebell and Hedgerow Survey, 2009, Ship Lane, Aveley, with Bushy Bit and Davey Down, West Thurrock, Grays Cottage Homes, The Electric Motorcycle, A Murder on the Marshes? Speculation on the Untimely Death of Fountaine Hope - 1899, Knowle and Tampkins Mineral Water Makers, Obituary, Recent Publications, Notes and Queries, Media Watch, Web Watch (80 pp, A5)  (£3.00) ISBN 978-0-9558352-4-7, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 50 (2011) (£5.00) Foreword by the Mayor of Thurrock, Panorama a Celebration, The Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Cemeteries at Mucking, Thurrock's Geological Heritage, Crime in Regency Thurrock, Alfred Russel Wallace and Joseph Conrad: Two Writers in the 'Wilds of Essex', The Barstable and Chafford Yeomanry Part 1: Further Insights Upon Lennard's Troop, The South Essex Marshes: The Transformation of a Wetland Landscape, Panorama: Fifty Years of Contributions, Recent Publications, Notes and Queries, Media Watch, Web Watch (96 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-5-4, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 51 (2013) (£3.00) A Day in Grays; The Shaftesbury in 1878; East Tilbury Church of England School, Part Two; A Victorian Sheep-dip at Stanford le Hope; The Seabrooke Family; A Letter from the Past; West Tilbury Footpaths; Barstable and Chafford Yeomanry, Part 2 A; Obituaries; Notes and Queries; Media Watch; Web Watch (84 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-6-1, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 52 (2014) (£5.00) Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary; Alfred Russel Wallace through The Dell's Glass; The Battleship Fuji; Gordon of Khartoum; Barstable and Chafford Yeomanry, Part 2 (continued); Obituaries; Notes and Queries; Media Watch (84  pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-7-8, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 53 (February, 2015) (£5.00) Captain William Green; Tilbury Docks in the Great War; Thurrock's Own HMS Porcupine; Barstable and Chafford Yeomanry, Part 2 (concluded); The Mystery of the Shell; The Peculiar Peoples' Centenary; The West Tilbury Gold Torque; Obituaries; Notes and Queries; Media Watch (88 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-8-5

PANORAMA 54 (December, 2015) (£5.00) St Catherine's Church, East Tilbury; Let the Ring Decide; Wallace's Welsh Valley; Robert Hamilton Blair Williams; Publications; Notes and Queries; Media Watch (62 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9934576-0-9, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 55 (2016) (£5.00) Sir Evelyn VC at Belhus; James B Pinker; An ARP Messenger; Seabroke, Pinker and Conrad Families; Obituaries; Publications; Notes and Queries; Media Watch (58 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9934576-1-6, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 56 (2017) (£5.00) Private William Alma Cooper; Joseph Conrad's To-Morrow; The Swan Inn Slate Club; Thurrock's Earliest Freemasons; Celebration of the Life of Sir John Whitmore; Obituary; Publications; Notes and Queries; Media Watch (62 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9934576-2-3, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 57 (2018) (£5.00) A Local Suffragette Branch - Stanford-Le-Hope; Kate Evelyn Luard An Aveley Heroine; From the Album of Alfred George Cuthbert; War Time Schooling in Chadwell; The Coalhouse Fort Royal Engineer's Workshop & Garage; The "Tilbury" Roman Memorial Stone; Cecil Jackson-Cole; Robert Hamilton Blair Williams; Obituaries; Publications; Notes and Queries (62 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9934576-3-0, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 58 (2021) (£5.00) Stories from Thurrock's past including the cement industry, evacuation in WW2, Grays Beach, Ford Place and Tilbury Fort in the Civil Wars + Notes & Queries, Media watch, Museum newsletter, obituaries for John Ormiston, Malcolm Chase, Peter Hewitt. 58 pages. ISBN 978-0993457654, ISSN 1465-1440

PANORAMA 59 (2022) (£6.50) Stories from Thurrock's past including Seventy years of the Society, Thurrock Parks and Gardens, Land of the Fanns and Sir Alexander Temple at Oxford Tilbury Fort in the Civil Wars (2) + Notes & Queries, Media watch, Museum newsletter, obituaries for John Ormiston, Malcolm Chase, Peter Hewitt. 66 pages. ISBN 978-0993457661, ISSN 1465-1440

'THURROCK GOLD' (2002) (£3.00) 'The story of the first fifty years of a local history society.' To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, in place of Panorama, we have published a history of the Society from 1952 to 2002. It is a fine record of the society's contribution to promoting Thurrock's local history, archaeology, conservation etc., and the involvement in special projects such as the Mucking Excavation and Coalhouse Fort. It also includes a list of publications relating to our history printed during the past 50 years and historic buildings saved and lost. (72pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 5 2

INDEX to PANORAMAS 1 to 20 (50p)

INDEX to PANORAMAS 21 to 30 (50p)

INDEX to PANORAMAS 31 to 40 (£1.00)

QUEEN ELIZABETH SLEPT HERE (1988) (£2.00) A description of the land and people of the Thurrock area at the time of the "Camp Royal" at West Tilbury and an account of the visit of Queen Elizabeth 1 on August 8th and 9th 1588. With many illustrations, some in colour. (40 pp, A5)

THE FIVE MINUTE CROSSING (2nd edition 1998) (£3.00) by John Ormston. The history of the Tilbury-Gravesend Ferry and its vessels. (49pp, A5) ISBN 0 9534479 0 1

THURROCK'S OWN RAILWAYS (1998) (2.95) by John Ormston. A detailed account of the light industrial railways of the Thurrock area. Illustrated with line drawings. (52 pp, A5)  ISBN 0 9533047 1 X


John Leyin. Lejins Publishing. 263 pp

ISBN 0-9528789-3-3 £14.99 (This book can be obtained through the Society)

John Leyin recounts the story of his 5 years in the Royal Armoured Corps, including his time in the Burma Campaign. This book includes not only the front line account but also the background from the military planners point of view. John Leyin now lives in retirement in Stanford le Hope.

EXPLORING THURROCK (2nd Edition 2008) (£7.00) An up-to-date guide to Thurrock from the view point of local history, describing many places of interest such as forts, picturesque villages, churches etc, including maps of each parish, travelling from west to east across the landscape. Illustrated with line drawings. (106 pp, A5) ISBN 978-0-9558352-1-6 - more details

The Thread of Identity (Amberley Publishing, £18.99) by Ronald Ram. Local communities in Essex over six hundred years explored through the history of the Ram family - more details



BOLDLY FROM THE MARSHES (1992) (£4.50) by Tony Benton. A history of the parish of Little Thurrock, the long, narrow parish stretching from the Thames to the 'high lands of Socketts Heath along its spine of Rectory Road and Blackshots Lane. (104pp, A5). (ISBN 0 9506141 3 0)

THE DOWNSTREAM DOCK (1986) (£1.50) by Rita Mclean. Tilbury Docks were opened in 1886 and this book tells the story of their construction and development until 1986. (30pp, A5)

SAFFRON, CIDER AND HONEY (1985) (£2.90) by W.M.Timworth. Seven walks through Horndon-on-the-Hill. (53pp, A5)

THE STORY OF ST CLEMENT'S (1992) (£3.00) by Christopher Harrold. Published by Procter and Gamble when they took this redundant parish church of West Thurrock into their care. (80pp, A5) ISBN 0 9520052 0 4

THE LONDON, TILBURY & SOUTHEND RAILWAY Volume 1 1836 - 1893 (1996) ISBN 1 899890 1 9 X and Volume 2 1893 - 1912 (1997) ISBN 1 899890 10 6 (each £9.95) by Peter Kay. A history of the Company and the Line with many maps and photographs. (each 72pp, A4)

THURROCK'S PAST: Echoes from a Place (1997) (£4.99) by Alan Leyin. In this book the author has brought alive many aspects of Thurrock's past by reference to contemporary writings of the famous, the infamous, as well as the now forgotten traveller through this local landscape. (90pp) ISBN 0 9528789 0 9

THURROCK GOES TO WAR (1997) (£7.99) by Roger Reynolds and Jonathan Catton. A comprehensive account of events in Thurrock during the Second World War. Contains over 120 photographs and a roll of honour of Thurrock's 507 civilian and service personnel who lost their lives. (190pp, A5) ISBN 0 948706 07 4

THURROCK - THE GREAT WAR (1998) (£5.99) by Roger Reynolds MVO. The story of the people of Thurrock during the Great War of 1914-18. A roll of honour of those who lost their lives during the war contains 1070 names. (143pp, A5) ISBN 0 948706 08 2

THE FINAL BERTH (1998) (£2.95) By John Ormston. Ship-breaking at Thos. W. Ward's Grays yard with a list of ships broken. (73pp, A5) ISBN 0 9533047 0 1

FOBBING; LIFE AND LANDSCAPE (1997) (£5.00) by Randal Bingley. A mine of fresh and astutely researched information through the past five centuries. With many photographs and line drawings. (261pp, A5) ISBN 0 9528789 1 7

THE NIGHTINGALES WERE SINGING: the Diary of Martha Randall of Orsett, 1858-61 (2000) (£9.99) by Randal Bingley. A delightful book in which the author plays shadow to the daily activities of a farmer's daughter during her four years' diary keeping. He has managed to identify most of the - nearly 200 - contemporary people about whom she speaks, frequently by mere initials, and leads the reader through her times with a sure hand. With many line drawings. (258pp, A5) ISBN 0 9506141 5 7

Behold the Painful Plough - Country Life in West Tilbury 1750 - 1900 by Randal Bingley (Thurrock Unitary Council Museum Service, £10) Randal Bingley's latest book on Thurrock local history - more details

Three local history booklets have been published during 2007 and 2008 - more details.

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