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The smock frame of the mill was approximately 30ft. 6in. high and consisted of four floors. The smock itself tapered from 26ft. 3in. across the flats on the outside to 16ft. 2in. across the curb exterior (the curb is the neck of the smock below the cap). Internally the width tapered from 24ft. 5in. to 14ft. 6in. The overall height of the mill (from the cellar to the ridge of the cap) was 58ft. approximately, and 84ft. roughly to the top of the sails. The sails measured 64ft. in diameter and one pair was single shuttered patents and the other pair double shuttered patents. The floorboards were made from pine and elm. The cap which was boat shaped had horizontal weatherboarding and the petticoat had vertical boarding. In fact the only Essex smock mill to be boarded horizontally on the petticoat was the old smock mill at Galleywood. At the rear of the cap at a 90 degree angle to the sails was the fantail.

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