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Hordon's Wool Market

Horndon's 16th century market hall is a lasting monument to the medieval wealth of East Anglia which rested on the wool trade. It was built with open bays at ground level and rooms above. By 1594, it was no longer functioning as a wool market. For about fifty years from 1630, it was used to hold the manorial court for the manor of Horndon Market. The ground floor was enclosed around 1688 after which it was used as a dwelling. The Poley charity was set up in 1734 and the Woolmarket was used to house three poor families of the parish. By the mid 19th century, the Woolmarket was managed by the parish Church Wardens and Overseers.  In 1969, restoration work was undertaken and by 1970, the ground floor had been re-opened. (See The Woolmarket, Horndon-on-the-Hill; Hazel and Derek Austin; Panorama 16)