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In 1381 the refusal of villagers in Fobbing, and other areas, to pay the poll tax sparked the Peasants' Revolt.

On 30th May, John Brapton attempted to collect the poll tax from villagers at Fobbing. The villagers, led by Thomas Baker (who owned "Pokattescroft alias Bakerescroft" in Fobbing), told Brampton that they would give him nothing more and he was forced to leave the village empty handed.

Robert Belknap was sent to investigate the incident and to punish the offenders. On 2nd June, he was attacked at Brentwood.

By this time the violent discontent had spread, and the counties of Essex and Kent were in full revolt. Soon people moved on London in an armed uprising. Thomas Baker was executed for his part in the uprising on 4th July 1381 at Chelmsford - see Randal Bingley's article in Panorama 37 and his book, "Fobbing - Life and Landscape".

The adjacent picture shows the Memorial to the Peasants' Revolt at Fobbing - a metal sculpture by B R Coode-Adams erected to commemorate the 600th anniversary in 1981.

There is more information about Fobbing on the parish web site.


The Memorial to the Peasants' Revolt at Fobbing