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Panorama 54 was published in December 2015.

It contains articles on:

  • St Catherine's, East Tilbury
  • Prize fighting in Thurrock
  • Alfred Russel Walace's "Welsh Valley"
  • and Robert Hamilton Blair Williams.

There are also notes and queries on:

  • The Dell,
  • Elizabeth Lawler,
  • The Bell Inn, West Tilbury,
  • Arthur William Montague Hume,
  • Colonel Sir Francis Whitmore
  • and Daniel Defoe.

In addition, there are the regular items such as the Chairman's report, a review of the past year, recent publications and Thurrock history in the media.

Panorama 54 can be obtained from Amazon here at 5.00 plus 2.80 postage and packing.

It is available to members at our monthly meetings at the reduced price of 3.00.

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