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August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. Many men and women from Thurrock contributed - as soldiers, seamen or airmen, as nurses, as munitions workers or in other jobs, as lone parents, keeping the home fires burning.

We would like to keep alive the memory of all the courageous people from the area.
  • Did you hear any stories about your relatives in the war?
  • Do you have any pictures from the period?
  • Do you still have any medals, plaques, certificates, newspaper cuttings, postcards, or other memorabilia?
  • Does your relative appear on a local war (or peace) memorial?

We already have some pages about Thurrock in the First World War. For example, the Purfleet gunners who shot down a zeppelin and Colonel Whitmore in the trenches.

We'd like to have more reminiscences from Thurrock in the Great War and to publish them on our site and in print.

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The pontoon bridge across the Thames at Tilbury in 1915

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